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Sint-Servaasbrug_Maastricht RijksmonumentenMaastricht is a place with a unique and authentic energy and dynamism that you won’t experience anywhere else in the Netherlands. It’s a city that has the best of all worlds: north and south; past and present. There are historic buildings and trendy designer boutiques, majestic churches and thrilling cave adventures, inspired menus and inviting café terraces, lively festivals and sensational expositions, stately squares and vast vineyards. All this and more makes Maastricht a favourite destination.

Maastricht is an international city – with 120,000 inhabitants – offering many opportunities. The city is located in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, close to international cities such as Aachen, Düsseldorf, Liège, Brussels and Antwerp. The diversity of European culture is clearly visible in Maastricht. It is for good reason that Maastricht stood at the cradle of the European Union in 1992 at the time of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty – the treaty on European Union.

Today, Maastricht still plays a major international role. Many congresses are held here, and transnational agreements are signed. Large numbers of tourists also come to Maastricht every year for a taste of the epicurean character of the south of the Netherlands.

Historic buildings and trendy design shops. Beautiful churches and adventure-filled caves. Tantalizing menus and welcoming café terraces. Open squares and expansive vineyards. Maastricht is all this and more! Maastricht is a popular destination for a day out, a weekend away, or an unforgettable holiday.

Maastricht is also the home town of André Rieu. Every year in the summer André Rieu transformes the entire Vrijthof square into one great big open-air concert arena, filling the air with delightful melodies drawn from operas, operettas and musicals, the world of classical music, and catchy waltzes, punctuated by comical and moving moment and, most of all, plenty of romance.

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