The real nature of concrete

Chris Poulissen, NP-BRIDGING architects & Engineers, Belgium

Chris Poulissen is architect and managing director at NP-BRIDGING and an expert in integral approach. The projects he works on are a result of the combination of socio-cultural, infrastructural and economic aspects. The office, together with their multidisciplinary partners, is working on large scale and complex infrastructure projects in Europe and Asia.

 Chris will give his vision on architecture in concrete infrastructure. His vision on the application of concrete is strongly illustrated by the city bridge “De Oversteek” (2013) and the bridge “De Lentloper” (2015) at the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Photos of “De Oversteek” are used in many of the communications around the 2017 Maastricht fib symposium.


                      “De Oversteek”                                                       “De Lentloper”