fib Symposium

We welcomed 625 participants form 43 countries in Maastricht, where 340 interesting presentations were given.  For the first time in fib history  engineers from practice were invitedto give a project presentation.
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the fib Symposium.
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Keynote lectures

  • Codes of Practice: Burden or Inspiration?
    by Prof. Joost Walraven download
  • Ultra-High Performance Concrete – Technology for Present and Future
    by Prof. Yen Lei Voo download
  • 3D Concrete Printing – A Structural Engineering Perspective
    by Prof. Theo Salet download
  • The real nature of concrete
    by Chris Poulissen no download available

photo album

Please, use this link for  the photo album made by Rob Veen from the activities at the
fib Symposium.  Have a look. It is possible to download the photo of its original size.
When you publish a photo on or off line please credit ©Rob Veen/Betonvereniging.


project presentations

All project presentations of the fib Symposium 2017 in one double-sized Cement!

Specially for the event, an English, double-sized special edition of Cement , the Dutch journal on concrete for structural engineers, was created.
In this special issue all of the lectures from the ‘Project Presentations’ are shaped into an article.
To preview the special fib Symposium issue of Cement, you can download the magazine.
If you would like to receive the paper magazine, you can order it for only € 35, – (excluding VAT and shipping).

fib Medal of Merit award

The fib Presidium has decided to award A.Q.C. van der Horst the 2017 fib Medal of Merit. This distinction has been given in recognition of outstanding contributions to structural concrete and to the fib.





fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers, Design & Construction Category

We received a reflection from Mr. Carlo Segato.

Carlo Segato received a Special Mention in the 2017 fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers, Design & Construction Category, as a result of ten years of experience in structural and bridge engineering, acquired in Italy and abroad, operating in a wide variety of projects. Carlo  collaborated for more than seven years in ECSD Srl (Milan, IT) as direct assistant to Prof. Franco Mola, a renowned expert in concrete structures and an outstanding interpreter of the Milan’s School, and, afterwards, for two years, in the international bridge department at Leonhardt Andrä und Partner (Stuttgart, D). He is currently employed at Spataro Petoud Partner SA (Bellinzona, CH). Among the most significant experiences it is worth mentioning the participation as project engineer, project manager and designer’s representative on site in detail design and construction supervision of Milan’s Allianz Tower (the Italian tallest building to the roof, h=207m, architectural design by Arata Isozaki) and, as project engineer in LAP, in detail designing of cable-stayed bridges, such as Danjiang Bridge in Taiwan (world’s largest cable-stayed bridge with only one mast, main span of 450m, architectural design by Zaha Hadid). The activities conducted side-by-side to Prof. Mola for designing innovative structures or repairing damaged constructions are full of uncommon experimentations on materials, components, prototypes and structures. The most important ones concern the use of high-strength and high-performance concrete, the design and prototype testing of uncodified wind dampers adopted for the occupant’s comfort in tall buildings and dynamic testing of relevant structures and bridges.


Not all participants realised they are the owner of the proceedings. If you received a conference bag it was included with an USB Stick.

See photo’s below.