Interactive Abstracts Overview

This is the overview of the topics that will be dealt with during the fib Symposium 2017. The map is obtained by using an optimisation algorithm that visualises terms based on frequency of their appearance within the abstracts and titles of accepted papers. By clicking on a certain term, you can see all the papers (title and abstract) at the fib Symposium 2017 dealing with this term.

As a result of this data analysis, all papers (313 papers, 26 project presentations and 4 keynote lectures) are automatically categorised into three main clusters. Roughly speaking, they represent three main areas of research within concrete structures:

  • Blue: Material
  • Red: Structural
  • Green: Applications and projects
If you want to search for a certain topic of your interest and to more easily navigate through the map and contributions, please click on the arrow in the top right corner of the map (we recommend using Google Chrome).

Technical Information –The map is generated by using state-of-the-art data processing techniques included in the so called TU Delft AIDA Toolbox. The topics illustrated in the map are the most relevant terms from the titles and abstracts of the publications submitted to the symposium. Those terms are not predetermined and are extracted by using sophisticated text mining techniques. The visualization of terms is such that the frequently co-occurring terms are positioned relatively close to each other. The algorithms used for these are implemented in the freely available VOSviewer software tool.

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