AAYE award

2017 fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers (AAYE) in memory of A.S.G. Bruggeling

The AAYE is awarded every two years in the field of structural concrete. The award will be given to the outstanding young professionals in the Research Category and the Design & Construction Category.

The award for the 2017 edition will be given in honour of Professor A.S.G. Bruggeling (1923-2015) who was a pioneer in prestressed concrete and a teacher and researcher at Delft University of Technology.
As professor Bruggeling started his career at Spanbeton in the 1950s and worked together with, among others, DSI on developments on prestressing systems, award is being co-sponsored by DYWIDAG-Systems International B.V. and Spanbeton B.V.

For more information please go to “AAYE call for entries”. (pdf)