Student competition sus-con-co-de

International student competition for Sustainable COncrete COnstruction DEsign susco-organisation

The world we live today owes a lot to concrete structures. They protect us,  provide us comfort in living and working, gives us energy, enable mobility, etc. Still, there is one aspect that can be improved, which is sustainability of concrete structures! For the future of our society and environment, for future of our children, we need to make our concrete more environmentally friendly!
We challenge you to help us with your innovative ideas and solutions! From very small to big, from material to structural, from manufacturing to exploitation, every aspect can be tackled and every idea is welcome as long as it is original and beneficial for the sustainability.

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Please register here  with information about your team and university.

Important dates

February 15 2017 Submission deadline
Send your poster and film with your name and address.
April 15 2017          Nominees
Three teams will be nominated as candidates of the prize.
In addition to that, another 7 ideas will be selected to be exposed during the symposium.
June 13 2017          Award ceremony
Presentation of three nominated ideas and announcement of the prize winner.