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Welcome to the site of fibsymposium2017.

We are proud to organise the fibsymposium2017 in Maastricht, the most central situated city of Europe.

The Concrete Association (Betonvereniging) and the Belgian Concrete Group (Belgische Betongroepering) will be jointly organising the annual fib symposium in 2017.  The event will be held between 12 – 14 June at the MECC in Maastricht.
Besides the Concrete Association and the Concrete Group, Germany will also be represented via Aachen University (professor Joseph Hegger).

Maastricht has been selected to host the event because it serves as a gateway to all three countries. This appears to be a sensible choice because we know the host country plays a major role in determining visitor numbers and thus the success of the event.

The theme of the fibsymposium2017:
High tech concrete: Where technology and engineering meet!

Have a look around.
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